Dated: 29-Jan-2014

As i started cycling to dhordo from bhuj, I stopped at a road side dhaba for lunch and I was greeted enthusiastically by the waiter. I asked him what he would recommend instead of ordering for something and he recommended Alu parantha with a smile. I ordered for 2 of them. A few minutes later, he came with steaming hot paranthas with a solid block of butter on top. Delighted, I attacked the paranthas like a hungry wolf would attack his prey. I must have had a lusty smile on my face as I gorged on the paranthas because, as i finished up my second one, the waiter brought out another steaming hot parantha (this time stuffed with paneer and another huge block of butter on top!!!!!!!!). Surprised, i said I had ordered for only 2, but he shushed me and unloaded the steaming beauty onto my plate. Not thinking too much, I attacked the third one as well. Unbeknown to me, as I finished my third parantha, he had taken the 2 water bottles out of my bicycle and filled it up with fresh aqua guard water.

When i got my bill, i was shocked to see that i was charged only for 2 paranthas and 1 block of butter. When i pointed this out to the waiter, he smiled at me and said, ” Sir, pata nahi kyon, aap ko dekh ke, mujhe laga ki aap dil ke saaf aadmi ho. Aapko cycle pe aate hue dekh ke bahut accha laga mujhe, issiliye, yeh teesra paratha mere taraf se hai, bas aap owner ko mat batana”
(Sir, looking at you, i felt you have a clean heart. ( :/ ) I felt good seeing you cycling and that’s why, the third paratha is from me. Just don’t tell the owner).
Further, he said, “aap bilkul aaram se dhordo nikal jaana, aap ke liye, maine cycle mein rakha hua dono paani ka bottle bhi bhar diya hai” (you have a good ride to dhordo, I have filled both the water bottles that were kept in your cycle).
I managed to utter my thanks to him and shook his hand and got onto my cycle and rode off totally confused. (he point blank refused my offer of a tip!)

This bihari waiter working in a small dhaba in bhuj outmatched any hospitality experience I had had in any five star hotel with his genuine smile and warmth.