In the bangalore railway station, we were sitting in our compartments in the SamparkKranthi Express(going to Delhi) and the train was starting to move from the platform….suddenly, one of the men from the noisy bihari family sitting beside me, pulled the red chain because some of his relatives had not yet boarded the train….its was incredible…he calmly pulled the chain saying: “Yeh emergency ke liye nahi hai toh kahe lagaya ye chain??” (If not for emergency, what will these chains be used for?)

They saw the police coming and ran from our bogie to the next one….sadly, there was yet another couple who tried to board the train after it was stopped by pulling the chain…the police, thinking they were the ones who pulled the chain, arrested them…

SK gupta, another guy in my compartment who was from Rajasthan, was pisssed off seeing all this….he was a bull of a man and he went chasing after the bihari family…he caught the guy who had pulled the chain and took him to the police and got the innocent couple released and they peacefully boarded the train…..

After all this farce and after the train chugged out of the bangalore station, he coolly took out an old monk rum bottle, took a swing of it and offered me some…I took a few gulps as well and then we started talking about himalayas and trekking….It was so surprising to see he was a soft spoken guy and not the bull i imagined him to be…..

Dated: 16-April-2012, Bangalore